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Bipolar Caregivers:

"The Blue Book" Directory of Community/Agency Services in Greater Tulsa / $35
Contact Community Service Council 918-836-0698

Caregiver related inspirational and educational books available through James E. Miller, Willowgreen Publishing, 10351 Dawson's Creek Blvd., Suite B, Fort Wayne, IN 46825-1904, Ph. 260-490-2222.

Crisis Care: Hope for the Hurting (video/workbook series) by Dr. H. Norman Wright, Grace Products Corporation, 1996 publication; 1-800-527-4014. Christian counselor, Dr. Wright, together with other trained counselors have put together this series to train and equip church people and Christian counseling centers to effectively reach out and care for others in the midst of CRISIS. This is a thirteen part interactive video series.

Grace Alliance / Mental Health Grace Alliance Christianity and Mental Health Recovery
(a multi-feature resource website):

Guide for Bipolar Caregivers:

Julie A. Fast (a multi-feature resource website)
Julie Fast is a bestselling author, speaker, columnist and consultant who lives successfully with bipolar disorder. Her site offers inspiration, educational information, instructional video clips, and useful advice through blogging, self-help materials, and practical tools. Visit:

Manual for the Clergy: Resources for Helping & Healing
Contact: The Mental Health Association, 2211 Norfolk, Suite #8810, Houston, TX, 77098; 713-522-5161

Mental Health Ministries (videos/group study materials) contact Mental Health Ministries c/o Rev. Susan Gregg-Schroeder, 6707 Monte Verde Dr., San Diego, CA 92119 or visit

Yellow Pages of Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services available free by calling Oklahoma Prevention Resource Center at (405) 522-3810.

Many of the website resources offered in the above categories make available
self-educating materials that you can order direct.

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