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Locating Mental Health Practitioners
Tulsa, Oklahoma Practitioners Listing:
(Not a replacement for clinical evaluation):
American Psychological Association
Christian Association for Psychological Studies
National Association of Social Workers
American Psychiatric Association
Bright Tomorrows does not make recommendations regarding the selection of psychiatrists and/or therapists. However, due to the many requests we receive asking for help in finding “Christian” psychiatrists and/or therapists (or at least psychiatrists and/or therapists respectful of faith) we offer a partial list of possibilities for your consideration. All names, locations and phone numbers are based in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. For an expanded listing of practitioners in the Tulsa area that also may include “Christian” psychiatrists and/or therapists, we refer you back to the link to “Tulsa, Oklahoma Practitioners Listing” above.
Additional suggestions:

(1) You may wish to check with your Primary Care Physician (General Practitioner) for possible recommendations.

(2) You may wish to check with your health insurance provider and ask them whether they specify on their listing of insurance covered psychiatrists and/or therapists any that identify themselves as “Christian.”

(3) You may wish to check the listings and accompanying advertisements for psychiatrists and/or therapists in your telephone book.

(4) You may wish to check with your church and other community and social relationship centers for possible recommendations.

(5) As you connect with mental health related support programs, you may wish ask other families and or individuals dealing with mental health concerns what psychiatrist and/or therapists they have found helpful.

If you are facing an emergency, please be advised that COPES (Community Outreach Psychiatric Emergency Services, 918.744.4800) offers residents of Tulsa County assistance for both children and adults with mental health emergency concerns – at no charge. They work in harmony with law enforcement and local hospitals.

Local hospital emergency rooms are also available as resources when dealing with a mental health related emergencies.


ABCST = Certified Sex Therapist with American Board of Christian Sex Therapists
DO = Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
LCSW = Licensed Clinical Social Worker
LMFT = Licensed Marital & Family Therapist
LMHP = Licensed Mental Health Practitioner
LP = Licensed Psychologist
LPC = Licensed Professional Counselor
LSW = Licensed Social Worker
NCSP = Nationally Certified School Psychologist

Teresa Burnett, LMFT, LCSW
          Crossroads Counseling and Consultation / 9717 E. 42nd St. / 918. 270.4100
Jackie Cleary, MS, LPC, LMFT
          Cleary Counseling and Consultation, Inc. / 2021 Lewis, Ste. 620, Tulsa, OK 74104 / 918.978.0176
Fran Corona, PhD.
          Counseling Services of Tulsa / 5110 S Yale Ave / 918.574.2722
Toni England, PhD.
          Brittany Park Therapist / 5512 So. Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK 74105 / 918.747.1649
Dr. Stephanie Forbes, DO
          Psychiatric Associates of Tulsa / 4612 S. Harvard Ave. Suite A / Tulsa, OK 74135 / 918.747.5565 / Psychiatrist
Jim Grinnell, M.Div., M.S., LMFT, ABCST
          Crossroads Counseling and Consultation / 9717 E. 42nd St. / 918.270.4100
Stuart Holderness, LMFT, LPC, CAC, PhD
          Private Practice / 7151 S. Braden / 918.499.0300
Christopher Klein, PhD., NCSP, LP
          Psychological Assessment, Advocacy and Treatment Center for Children and Families / 4612 So. Harvard /
Dr. Stevan Lahr, DO
          Family and Children's Services / 2325 South Harvard Ave. / 918-587-9471 / Psychiatrist
Joel Leitch, LPC
          St. John’s Family Medical Care of Tulsa / 7501 Riverside Pkwy / 918.493.7850
Dr. Jimmie McAdams, DO
          Laureate / 6655 So. Yale Ave. / 918.481.4000 / Psychiatrist Specializing in Geriatrics & ECT
Bowden McElroy, LPC
          Christian Family Institute / 2431 E. 51st St. / 918.745.0095
Dr. Matthew E. Meyer, MD
          Laureate / 6655 So. Yale Ave. / 918.481.4000 / Psychiatrist
Kevin Nieman, PhD., LMFT, LP
          Cornerstone Christian Counseling Services / 4930 S Sheridan Rd, Tulsa, OK 74145 / 918.392.4008
Timothy Peterson, LMFT, LPC
          Laureate / 6655 So. Yale Ave. / 918.481.4673
Brent Sharpe, LMFT, LPC
          Life Connection Counseling Center / 7145 So. Braden Ave / 918.496.9588
Janis Sharpe, LMFT
          Life Connection Counseling Center / 7145 So. Braden Ave / 918.496.9588
Salley Sutmiller, MS, LMFT
          Christian Family Institute / 6846 S. Canton Ave, Suite 501 / 918.745.0095
Scott Thomas, LPC, LMFT
          Crossroads Counseling and Consultation / 9717 E. 42nd St. / 918.270.4100
Lois K. Trost, MSW, LCSW
          Christian Family Institute / 2431 E. 51st St. Suite 500 / 918.745.0095
Susan Waters, LPC
          Strength of Mind / 8937 S Garnett Rd, Broken Arrow, OK74012 / 918.872.9777
Dr. Kari Youman, MD
          918.491.3700 / 6655 S. Yale Ave. / Psychiatrist

Christian Counseling Centers (Tulsa Area):
Christian Family Institute
          Autumn Oaks Building, 71st & Canton, Suite 501 / 918.745.0095
Cornerstone Christian Counseling Services
          4930 S Sheridan Rd., Tulsa, OK 74145. / 918.392.4008
Crossroads Counseling and Consultation
          9717 E. 42nd St. / 918 270.4100
Life Connection Counseling Center
          7145 So. Braden Ave / 918.496.9588
Strength of Mind Clinic
          8937 So. Garnett St. / 918.872.9777

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