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These HELP LINKS are specifically designed to provide you with connective links to emergency assistance options as well as resources for information, education and even inspiration. Some of the information within this page will be locally relevant for the greater Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Other information will link you to state, regional and national resources.

Please be advised that the information provided is not necessarily being promoted nor endorsed by Bright Tomorrows. The information is offered to serve general and/or personal self-education research. Such personal research is not to be considered a substitute for consulting appropriate medical or mental health professionals before appropriating and/or implementing information from your personal research.

Bright Tomorrows and those posting the information found throughout this web site are not implying endorsement nor assuming responsibility for adverse effects resulting from information contained within in this page.

We invite you to help us add, update and/or delete information and links on this website.
Contact Tim Reside at 5630 South Boston Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74105 or via e-mail.
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