Bright Tomorrows - Reflecting the Compassion of Jesus Christ to Those with Mental Health Concerns

THE TIM RESIDE STORY: Continuing To Survive And Overcome Mental Illness — By Grace, Through Faith, Plus Hard Work!

On the evening of November 16th, 2017, my wife, Nancy, introduced me to share my very personal mental health journey story in more explicit detail than I had ever done in public before. Within the framework of my story, I shared specifics about how certain types of mental illnesses are experienced and symptomatically observed by others. Further, I also shared lessons that I have learned through the years as a result of the process of my journey. This was my life message of faith, hope, love, healing-recovery and purpose.

Here then, in vimeo format, is that sharing.

TIM RESIDE is the President of Bright Tomorrows. Tim has completed 108 credit hours of study in Practical Theology, inclusive of 36 hours at the doctoral level, and holds an MA in Practical Theology. Tim has been successfully coping with and overcoming bipolar illness since 1979.

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