Dancing in No Man’s Land — A Bright Tomorrows Workshop with Brian Jennings

Republican or Democrat? COVID-19 lockdown or open the economy? March for the mistreated or stand with civil servants? You live in a land full of conversations that come laced with explosives. One errant step and you can detonate a relationship, a spiritual opportunity, or a ministry.

So, one of the most significant questions of our day has become: “How will you extend Christian care to people on opposite sides of these divisive issues?” At a Bright Tomorrows Breakfast Seminar on August 27, 2020, Brian Jennings, the lead minister from Highland Parks Christian Church in Tulsa, explored this question. In this video presentation, you will find Brian pointing to Jesus Christ as providing us with the example from which to learn. Throughout he shares practical Biblical principles that will help you learn how to navigate cultural minefields while pursuing both peace and truth. Brian’s been studying this issue for seven years. His book, Dancing in No Man’s Land: Moving with Peace and Truth in a Hostile World, has been found by Bright Tomorrows ministry leaders and board members to be a rich resource.