“Pain & The Pivot Option: Transforming Curse Into Blessing”

Pain is pain—whether temporarily acute, chronically persistent, related to terminal illness, psychological, or judged phantom or psychosomatic. It’s been keenly observed that the pain we don’t transform in our lives is the pain we will project, transmit, and ultimately be defined by. In great measure, how effectively we process our own pain determines how relevant our ministry will be to others.

On February 23rd, 2023, Tim Reside, MA, MHC, at the Laureate Conference Center Auditorium in Tulsa, Oklahoma, discussed the healing and redemptive importance of differentiating between pain and suffering. Articulating a biblical and therapeutically informed perspective, Tim talked about the potential value of using one’s journey with pain as a bridge to ministerially identify with, intercede for, and interventionally serve those given to us to care for.

Additionally, Tim’s syllabus outlined two skill sets: (1) a three-in-one “pivoting” tool for pain response; and (2) a reciprocity ministry tool for use in serving others at the point of their pain.

If you would like a copy of Tim Reside’s seminar syllabus, please contact him by way of this website’s Contact page, and arrangements will be made to provide a FREE copy.

TIM RESIDE is the President of Bright Tomorrows and an ordained minister who has been active in church-related ministry since the early 1970s. Tim completed 108 credit hours of study in Practical Theology, including 36 hours at the doctoral level, and possesses a Master of Arts degree. He has been successfully coping with and overcoming bipolar illness since 1979. Tim’s MHC (mental health consumer) degree abbreviation is meant to convey that his mental health journey remains a continuing education experience.