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You can contact Tim & Nancy by email to book them for a speaking engagement.
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Throughout their years of church-related ministry, and since 2001 through Bright Tomorrows, Tim and Nancy Reside have been known for their overcomer lifestyle mindset and message of hope. Tim is appreciated as an inspiring motivational speaker while Nancy is respected for her practical wisdom and much loved for her sensitive compassion.

Due to Bipolar Disorder, in 1979 Tim suffered a mental health breakdown. Tim and Nancy vividly recall the shock of it all and how nightmarishly their hopes and dreams for a future were destroyed. Today theirs is a survival story and a thrival story. Tim believes that through grace, and with the encouraging help of others, courage and strength can be found for the purpose of transforming pain and its suffering.

While Tim continues to struggle with the chronic mental health challenge of bipolar disorder, he does so positively and successfully by faith and with the help of Nancy and his support team. Tim’s motivational message inspires all who hear it to consider making the choice to live bigger than their struggles and in so doing discover that God’s wholeness and blessings can be found even in brokenness. Click for biographical and credential information.


“Tim’s deep faith, infectious sense of humor, and naturally exuberant personality are a constant reminder that though illness is a serious subject, it is not without hope and even humor.”

“Tim’s total transparency was most valuable. He is an outstanding speaker. I particularly liked the way he incorporated so many scriptures into his presentation.”

“Tim Reside possesses an amazing knowledge and understanding of mental illness … and has a gift for communicating that knowledge to the average individual. He is highly organized, enlightening, approachable, and very genuine.”

“Thank you for sharing your gift with our church! … I look forward to working together in the future. Your testimony and life message are powerful and redemptive.”

“Tim Reside … educates, encourages, and blesses. Tim’s courage in coming ‘out’ about his own illness is to be applauded.”

“Tim’s presentation brings sharp realization to the agony, frustration, fear, confusion, and sorrow that a critical illness can bring to an individual and his/her family. Yet his message is not a downer!”


Tim and Nancy are available for scheduling and happy to share with groups of any size or in any setting. They make no formal charge, but they do invite a freewill offering.

COST: Tim and Nancy are supported by the freewill tax-deductible donations of those who benefit and/or appreciate their work and ministry services offered under the auspices of Bright Tomorrows. In addition to donations given in person, by way of freewill offerings, or by way of postal service, donations can be made online via the Bright Tomorrows website.

If you would like to schedule Tim & Nancy Reside for a speaking engagement, or if you have questions, feel free to email them. A simple e-mail form is provided on our Contact Us page.