Bright Tomorrows - Reflecting the Compassion of Jesus Christ to Those with Mental Health Concerns

Educational Seminars

  • Breakfast Seminar Series

Bright Tomorrows offers FREE bi-monthly “Breakfast Seminars” to clergy, staff ministers, chaplains, and lay ministry leaders. These seminars are designed to bring them together with clinically-trained counterparts to discuss mental health related topics.

Bright Tomorrows is aware that ministry leaders tend to be the “first-responders” to individuals and families in crisis. Often mental health concerns, inclusive of illness, caregiving challenges and stresses are brought to their doorsteps.

Bright Tomorrows recognizes the congregant’s need for continuing pastoral care and presence as they work through their suffering of crisis, grief and loss towards a healing-recovery lifestyle and wellness.

To receive bi-monthly invitations advising you of date, time, location and topic by way of email, go to our Contact Us and send us an email request.

  • “Caring for Your Congregations Mental Health” Annual Seminars

Every year Bright Tomorrows offers, in co-sponsorship with the Christian Association for Psychological Studies, a one day seminar for clergy, staff ministers, chaplains and lay ministry leaders. This event takes place in October on a date to be announced.

The morning session is designed uniquely with ministry leaders in mind and the afternoon session for Christian men and women in the mental health field, i.e., psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, marriage and family therapists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, professional and lay counselors, etc. Nevertheless, the presentation aims and appeal anticipate that ministry leaders and clinicians will be interested in taking in both sessions.

Attendees experience quality presentations by topic relevant experts who are mindful of the concerns of the Christian community and the church. Insights, strategies and tools for working more effectively with persons who might be struggling with mental illness concerns are highlighted. Additionally, the seminar participants have opportunities to network.

If you would like to receive a no obligation invitation to the next seminar, go to our Contact Us and send us an email request.

  • Tim Reside Seminars

In 1979, Tim suffered a mental health break due to Bipolar Disorder. Tim has come to believe that through grace, and with the encouraging help of others, courage and strength can be found for the purpose of transforming pain and empowering a life of hope and resiliency in ways that make an overcomer’s lifestyle possible. His motivational messages inspire listeners to consider making the choice to live bigger than their struggles and to discover that God’s blessings can be found even in brokenness.

Tim is available to inspirationally share “An Overcomers Life-Journey Story.” He is equally qualified and available to present seminars on a variety of topics having to do with spiritual wholeness and mental, emotional and physical wellness, as well as a range of mental illness related topics.

Comments from participants…
Church Elder:
Tim’s total transparency was most valuable. The resources will be a tremendous help. Keep up the great work!”
Special Needs Ministry Coordinator:
“Tim is an outstanding speaker. I particularly liked the way he incorporated so many scriptures into his presentation.”
A Caregiving Friend:
“Tim’s teaching on ‘listening’ was especially helpful.”
A Caregiving Spouse:
“Tim Reside possesses an amazing knowledge and understanding of mental illness … and has a gift for communicating that knowledge to the average individual. He is highly organized, enlightening, approachable and very genuine.”
Senior Pastor:
“Thank you for sharing your gift with our church! … I look forward to working together in the future. Your testimony and life message is powerful and redemptive.”
Lay Ministry Volunteer:
“An amazing course which truly benefited the class … Tim has excellent presentation and communication skills and a gift from God for sharing His love.”
Social Worker:
“For one who has lived with mental illness in my family, this whole seminar was great.”
Registered Nurse:
“Tim Reside … educates, encourages and blesses. Tim’s courage in coming ‘out’ about his own illness is to be applauded.”
A Person in Need:
“This seminar has been the ‘link’ I asked God for.”
Professional Writer:
“Tim’s presentation brings sharp realization to the agony, frustration, fear, confusion and sorrow that a critical illness can bring to an individual and his/her family. Yet the course is not a downer! Tim’s deep faith, infectious sense of humor and naturally exuberant personality are a constant reminder that though illness is a serious subject, it is not without hope and even humor.”

If you would like to discuss with Tim Reside scheduling him for “An Overcomers Life-Journey Story” speaking engagement or a possible topic for a seminar, feel free to email him.

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If you have further inquiries, feel free to email the President of Bright Tomorrows, Tim Reside.
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